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Feb 222012

Alot of people “who don’t invest in Gold “ say that gold is in a bubble, so is Is Gold in a Bubble ?

Well yes its TRUE,  but  every Top investment is in a bubble and that bubble eventually

Bursts, the trick is to get in early and get out before it bursts that’s the way the successful ultra rich do it. And  when gold is less than $ 2000 an once then that’s

called opportunity, early days, especially when some very prominent  investors believe gold can still go to 10.000 and even see the Gold Price go to $20,000, its time to do some research into Gold investing.



If you study the history of  fiat currencies, you will discover that they usually have a 40 year run, and the dollar is at the end of its run, the USA are 16 trillion in debt and there printing money  to ease the problem, diluting the dollars power and realistically killing it. Yes the death of the dollar  is coming and this is  why you have to invest in Gold, gold is not going to lose it s value,  especially in times of economic crisis.


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