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Jun 272012

History repeats itself, that is the saying. And with The Euro Crisis Today, Will There be any Money Left? Like so many generations before us, people start off with trading tangible assets, may it be copper or bronze  or silver or gold, This is substituted with paper money and derivatives. It then gets abused by politicians, law makers and such. The outcome? Inflation, deflation and economic turmoil. Everyone is suffering from it, the rich, the middle class and the poor.


Farage told KWN that ‘What you may see is a very desperate European Union begin to put in place capital controls and things like this … In a sense the proposal that is on the table next week, which is coming from Van Rompuy and Barroso, would be the first step toward that repression.”  Farage also discussed the action in the gold market, but first, here is what Farage had to say about the crucial meeting in Europe next week:  “I would be very, very surprised at that big summit next week, which incidentally I have a ticket to, not that I’ll be the most popular person in the building, but I just don’t think there is going to be an agreement of any great significance next week.  I just don’t see it happening.

Farage continues to say that:

I hold to the theory that at some point in time, the markets are just going to overwhelm all of this, and then we will face the IMF global bailout situation.  It would be better to admit we’ve made a terrible mistake and take losses on the money we’ve already foolishly thrown in and say, ‘Let’s start again boys.’

According to Farage there is something worst overhanging all of this in the banking system which is very much beyond our control. Farage continues…

The total amount of money that is needed to shore up the Spanish banking system is more like 400 billion (euros), some people even think 500 billion (euros).  The trouble is that if Europe was to do that they would be penniless.  Because in theory they’ve got that money in their stability mechanism, although in practice all they’ve got are commitments from countries to put money in.  The cash isn’t actually there.

So you throw trillions (of euros) at the thing, but six months later you find that the economy is still contracting, we’re still heading into a downward spiral, unemployment is getting worse, people are rioting on the streets and demanding a different solution.

At the end of the day there is no way that these countries are not going to go back to their own currencies that float on the exchanges.  What all of that means is that all of this money that’s been chucked in through the European Union and through the IMF, most of it in the end is going to be lost.

Farage also said that people thought communism would end sooner that it would because of its total failure. But through repression, they managed to keep the whole thing together.

What you may see is a very desperate European Union begin to put in place capital controls and things like this.”
In a sense the proposal that is on the table next week, which is coming from Van Rompuy and Barroso, would be the first step toward that repression.  If they are able to put together a debt union from a European Union, if they are able to have total control over individual member states’ budgets and all of the rest of it, then we are heading very, very rapidly down that road towards repression.
Frankly, that’s the only way they can win now.  The only way they can win is to take away from the citizens the ability through the ballot box to do anything about this.  They are hellbent on doing it, but they know the electorates, particularly in the North of Europe, are, with every passing day, beginning to realize their little scheme, and we know the markets have no confidence in them.

Farage has been a long time gold investor. Here is what he thinks about gold.
“Given the mess that we’re in, and given this threat that we could possibly be facing a 1931-type movement, you have to be in this market.  Got to be long gold, no question about it.”

After The Euro Crisis, Will There be any Money Left? , Greece could default, and Spain are getting there bailout, Italy will follow and just now Cyprus have asked for a 4 billion bailout package. so is this a domino effect, we are borrowing from our future generations.
We should go back to gold, start preserving your wealth by investing in gold and silver.

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Jun 162012

The European Banking system is  falling apart, look at greece in its great depression and Spain getting there second bailout.

all these foreseen situations will boost Gold’s status as a safe asset.
Hyperinflation is just around the corner, its amazing how people are so influenced by the media and since precious metals have been getting a slating lately, people sell when the prices go down, wake up people this is the time to buy, gold is money, thats why they sell when the price is falling, they dont understand the concept that gold is money, it holds it purchasing value, where as currencies dollar and euro for example are losing there buying value and are headed for collapse,

so I hope you understand that its either Gold or paper, now what would you pick , so the current price is not important, you just need to own some gold, below is a video where James Turk is interviewing  John Embry, this interview is a must watch, it always is when these two get together.

The way they see it long before the Bull market reaches its end  people wont sell gold they will exchange gold for other productive assets. take the time to watch this interview, its reassuring to know that gold is still a great investment and it will continue to be for a long time to come.


John Embry and James Turk on why the Gold Bull Market isn’t Over


these are interesting times with Greece going to the polls tomorrow, People are getting nervous, wether they should have there money in the bank,Greek have withdrawn  millions of Euros from there banks over the last few weeks and have moved them to swiss accounts, all this because a lot believe that Greece could be returning to the drachma. when you have gold you dont let this bother you so much, but either way its Europe is a very bad situation, which could have dire consequences on the world economy.

Apr 242012

This last week was a not so good for the Gold Price, but that depends on what way you want to look at it, It’s a great time to buy, this is a good dip, Gold has been used for 5000 years,  and  barter was one of the most common ways to pay for goods, well Iran and China are planning on trading Gold for fuel. This is the beginning of using gold as money, Here is a caption from Vicky Kapur’s article explaining and giving details on the current scenario in the gold market.

Gold Price down, great

Spot gold prices fell more than half-a-per-cent to $1,632.30 per ounce at 11.35am UAE time (7.35am GMT) this morning even as traders remain concerned over fresh debt tensions in the Eurozone and lackluster trading a day before the Indian gold buying festival Akshaya Tritiya.


According to Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group’s morning rates, gold is currently at a two-week low. While 24ct gold is being retailed at Dh196.50 per gm, 22ct gold is going for Dh184.75/gm and 18ct gold is available at Dh150.75 per gm in Dubai, the city of gold.


However, according to some analysts, this may be the only window available for medium-term investors to buy gold at these prices as China, arguably the world’s only working-condition growth engine, is reportedly mulling paying for Iranian oil in gold to avoid US-led sanctions on Iran trade, which kick in on June 28, 2012.


According to reports, Iran has already offered China and India – its leading oil purchasers – oil in exchange for goods other than their local currencies like wheat, soy and other consumables including white goods.


Logically, however, Iran won’t be able to meet all its foreign goods need through such a barter mechanism, besides the fact that it will need to save a share of the proceeds for future use. That brings gold, the ultimate store of capital, into the picture.


China purchased 454 tonnes of gold over a six-year period between 2003 and 2009 (besides adding about 100 tonnes in December 2002), and come July 2012, it will perhaps make the most use of its ballooning gold reserves.


India, on the other hand, holds 557.7 tonnes of gold reserves, having bought 200 tonnes of gold from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in October 2009.


And these are just two (admittedly largest) of Iran’s oil importers. If more countries decide to join the gold-for-oil bandwagon to avoid choosing between plying their cars on the road and a head-on collision with the US, it’s anybody’s guess to where the precious metal prices may end up in the second half of 2012.

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As the Gold price has fallen again today investors who are anxious to protect their assets against the rising inflation and fiat currency debasement should take this opportunity to invest in gold now before gold price rise up again.


Mar 152012

In this great interview with James Turk from Gold Money, he predicts that the Gold price will reach up to $8000 per gold once between 2013 and 2015. The gold price is been manipulated to make the dollar look good, Only a small amount of the population understand that the currencies are in trouble and they are investing in gold, but as the printing of money continues, which is diluting the currencies thus reducing the peoples buying power ,when people become aware of this they will

Turn to gold and the gold price will surge. Panic buying will be the next step, so with this priceless information its time to buy regardless of the price now,

The gold price is less that $ 2000 per once, that’s the way to look at it.

   When you see that the gold price is rising , this is a sign that there is a problem with the monetary system, and also there is not much gold leaft in the world, the production of gold is not meeting the demand.Prohibition of gold was introduced in the USA in 1933 and some fear that it could happen again, this is why its safe to store your gold in different places around the


When you see that the gold price is rising , this is a sign that there is a problem with the monetary system, and also there is not much gold leaft in the world, the production of gold is not meeting the demand.

Prohibition of gold was introduced in the USA in 1933 and some fear that it could happen again, this is why its safer to store your gold in different places around the world. Gold Money are one of the best gold bullion dealers in the world, they offer storage in different worldwide locations, I have bought gold and silver through Gold money and I store it in there Swiss vaults, this has been suggested to me by the Elevation Group  as its a the safest bet, especially as its in Europe so not so far away but not in the Eurozone which is unstable.