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Mar 182013

Selling youre gold coins might not be as easy as everyone thinks,  there are lots of dealers but a lot of them only seem to be interested in buying back the coins they sold. The way a lot of them make there money is from the difference in the price fluctuations, which is called the spread. Here is a great article on one investors expierience

American Gold Eagle

American Gold Eagle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bullion dealers, cash-for-gold outlets and hundreds of online companies selling gold coins and bars have sprung up in recent years as investors have looked to cash in on rising gold prices. You can now buy and sell bars on your mobile phone, and there are even vending machines dispensing ingots in shopping centres.

But how easy is it to cash in gains if you have invested in the precious metal? For many investors the attraction of gold is that it is a tangible asset. After the financial crisis many want to invest in a product which should hold its value should stock markets crash, banks collapse or if governments printing more money decreases the value of “paper” currencies.

But how easy is it to sell and realise the value of gold ingots, sovereigns or exotic coins such as the US Buffalo, the Chinese Panda or the Austrian Philharmonic?

After all, even if these real assets have risen in value, it is of limited use if you can’t derive an income from them, sell them at their current price or spend them.

One reader who contacted The Daily Telegraph said the sales process may not be as transparent as many people think. He bought a 1oz Britannia gold coin for £1,129 just over a year ago – as gold prices peaked. With prices falling, he decided to try to sell it.

You can read the full story over at the  www.telegraph.co.uk

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Apr 232012

Yes the worlds most expensive gold coin was in Dublin during march, It was on display in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham Dublin, Here you can see a video of this gold coin,
The coin has an amazing history, and it was on its European tour, which has just ended.
You can read all about the 1933 Gold double eagle here

The last 1933 gold double eagle to go on auction, was sold for more than $ 7million.
This Gold Coin on Tour now is the property of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.
and it will never be sold, hence given speculation to that the coin could be now valued up to $20 million.

Mar 032012

1933-double-eagle gold coinThe worlds most expensive Gold coin is called the 1933 double Eagle, and it is currently on its European tour.  The  tour begins in the United Kingdom and will finish in  Finland.


The European Tour 2012 dates are


London,  The Goldsmith’s hall march 2-4

Dublin, IrishMuseum of Modern Art. March 6-7

Brussels, The Royal liberary of Belgium, March 12-13

Warsaw,  The Museum of Cultural history, March  16-17

Oslo, Museum of Cultural history. March 20-22

Helsinki, The National Museum. March 27-29


For more information on the this gold coin

Feb 202012

Goldbullion&coinsDespite last year’s high precious metal price it does not stop investors getting into  gold investment. Moreover as the inflation in developing markets continues, coupled with currency debasement and deflation, venture capitalist search for more stable form of investment such as gold and silver. Thus, Investors Are Demanding More Gold this coming year.

With this, here is Eric McWhinnie to give us some insight about this increasing demand in the precious metals market.



Investors Are Demanding More Gold

The annual value for gold demand in 2011 equaled $205.5 billion, an all-time high and a 29 percent gain above the 2010 value. Jewellery accounted for $99 billion in gold demand, while investment demand was close behind with nearly $83 billion. Interestingly, the majority of investment demand value was due to physical bar and coin demand, which represented $75 billion. As more investors remain skeptical and lose confidence in the global financial system, they turn to physical gold for protection. The annual report explains, “The bar and coin story is one which has traversed borders led by China, India and Europe, but other markets have also participated in terms of relative growth rates. Store of wealth demand, diversification, negative real deposit rates, the threat of inflation in developing markets, deflation in developed markets and currency debasement have all contributed to driving up demand over the last few years.”

In 2011, the average price of gold averaged $1,571 per ounce, which was more than 28 percent higher than its 2010 equivalent. Record high gold prices also failed to significantly curtail the appetite for industrial demand. The technology sector demanded 463.5 tonnes of gold in 2011, down from 466.4 tonnes in 2010, but still above the 456.3 tonne average of the preceding five year period. Within the sector, electronic demand increased from 326.9 tonnes in 2010 to 330 tonnes in 2011. The dental segment is the one area that appears to be affected by rising gold prices. Dentistry gold demand fell 10 percent year-over-year to 43.8 tonnes

Even though 2011 was filled with volatility and higher gold prices, the world still craves the only world reserve currency that can not be printed. The current trends that have fueled the 11-year gold bull market remain in place. Furthermore, gold prices continue to receive additional support as central banks not only devalue fiat currencies, but also purchase gold themselves. In the past two years, central banks have purchased more than 500 tonnes of gold.  Read the full story here.


As gold bars and gold coins are a more tangible form of investment and is more secure than stocks, and with the current situation in certain markets, it is understandable why Investors Are Demanding More Gold this year.

As more and more investors are getting into precious metal ventures as a way to protect their assets, it is expected that that great opportunities for capitalist will arise as the demand for gold and silver bars and bullion coins increases.




Feb 152012

Yes, you heard right the worlds most expensive Gold coin is on tour and it is coming to Dublin,  So for any coin collectors  this is a big event. the Gold Coin is called 1933 Double Eagle was made during the Great Deppresion, there were originally over half a million made in 1933, but only 13 exist today all owned by the US government except for one.

7.59 million Gold Coin is Coming to Dublin

The 1933 Double Eagle is a legend in coin collection circles and will be displayed at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 March 2012.

In 2002, a 1933 Double Eagle sold for $7.59 million, making it the most expensive gold coin in the world to come to auction.

The exhibition is part of a European tour that takes in seven countries, arranged by the Samlerhuset Group, parent company of the Dublin Mint Office, in conjunction with the National Museum of American History, part of the US Smithsonian Institution.

This is also the first time that the Smithsonian Institution has sent an object from its collection on tour in Europe, as opposed to lending items to institutions for display.

Nearly half a million of these twenty-dollar gold coins were originally minted in 1933 in the midst of the Great Depression – but only 13 are known today.

The rest were melted down before they ever left the United States Mint, as part of a strategy to remove the United States from the gold standard and stabilize the American economy.

Only one coin is legally held in private hands – all other known or unknown 1933 Double Eagles remain the property of the US government.

The 1933 Double Eagle will be displayed alongside a collection of other notable US coins, including the 1907 high relief $20 gold coin; the Capped Bust to left $5 gold coin (1807-1812) and the Liberty gold $20 coin (1849-1866).

The exhibition will be open to the general public – with free admission – at the Baroque Chapel, The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Military Road, Kilmainham, between 12pm and 8pm on Tuesday 6 March, and 10am and 4pm on Wednesday 7 March.

Here is the article as reported by the journal.ie


This certainly is a great oppurtunity for collectors, given it is 1 of only 13 leaft in the world. it was on may 1st 1933 that President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the order that all gold certificates, gold coins and gold bullion be delivered to a Federal Reserve bank or a branch or agency. Its amazing to think this happened and still today some investors are afraid it could happen again and thats why a lot of Americans prefer to keep there bullion in foreign storage.